Book Review For “Babies in the Bargain”

Book Review for: “Babies in the Bargain”
– Written by: Mona Risk
– Wild Rose Press
– ISBN: 1-60154-514-2
– 204 pages
– Print/Ebook
– 4 StarsReviewer: Steph BurkhartRisk pens a solid character driven story that will tug on the heartstrings with “Babies in the Bargain.” A contemporary romance set in Washington, D.C., “Babies in the Bargain,” heroine, Dr. Holly Collier, has a tough schedule to maintain, but when Dr. Marc Suarez comes back into her life, Holly’s schedule, and her heart, are challenged in more ways than one.Dr. Holly Collier has one more year left in her neonatology training before she has to take her exams. She very dedicated to her young patients, but her world becomes unsettled when an old flame, Dr. Marc Suarez is hired as an anesthesiologist. Holly and Marc had a budding relationship seven years prior, but when he traveled to Puerto Rico to help his family, the relationship fell apart.Marc is thrilled to see Holly again, but doesn’t understand why she’s so aloof. Tragedy brings them together when Marc’s brother, Carlos, and Carlos’s wife, Lydia, are killed in a traffic accident, leaving behind a baby son. Marc is devastated and vows to raise the young boy, who he names Paulito. Holly, moved by what has happened to Marc, reaches out to him. Marc and Holly draw closer as Holly cares for Paulito when Marc takes his brother back to Puerto Rico for his funeral.Holly is impressed with Marc’s efforts to take care of the baby. When Marc spontaneously asks Holly to move in with him, Holly agrees, but dare she give the dashing doctor, and her heart, another chance at love?Risk’s writing is easy to read and engages the reader right away. The plot flows well and there’s never a dull moment.Risk uses a good economy of words to give the reader vivid descriptions of Marc and Holly’s world, making it easy for the reader to picture the book’s setting.Marc and Holly are complex characters that are a joy to watch grow. Holly’s dedication to her medical career is admirable, but it’s rewarding to watch her grow in compassion and love as she cares for Paulito. Marc is a nice guy who is put in a tough situation. It’s heartwarming to see how he steps up to care for his nephew. As Marc comes to trust Holly, it’s nice to see him confide his problems to her. “Babies in the Bargain” is sophisticated for romance readers. The love scene is sensual and tasteful. Overall, the story is one that will leave the reader believing in the power of true love.